I don’t think I would care to be “Flemish.”  It just sounds wrong.  Where do Flemish people hail from anyway?  Phlegmland?

Wouldn’t it be cool if our skin(s) was/were all different colors of the rainbow instead of brown, yellow, red and white?  Just think of the possibilities and how different the world would be.  And if our hair and eyes were all colors.  I think I should like to be blue, lavender, and a soft aqua color, maybe with some pink.  Oh yeah, and periwinkle… 

Or if everyone were black and white with one accent color?

And we had a mass transit system that was one humongous roller coaster that stretched all across the world…

And the economy was based on a bartering system.  And we all had marketable talents with which we made our livelihood.

Yeah.  🙂

And now I feel a Monday coming on…

20 responses to “RANDOM NATION

  1. NO periwinkle. That’s just wrong. You’re talking crazy!

  2. That would be wonderful! I think I’d be some shade of green–like your brain. Bartering would be great-although, I would probably still be broke!

  3. People of all colors — sounds like Star Trek to me.

    But then, a lot of things sound like Star Trek to me.

  4. Fab, Hi Dude! Man, have I missed you! Me, crazy? Coming from you, I consider that the ultimate compliment 🙂

    Natalie, I picture you Lime Green, bright and vibrant… And no, your talent for giggling would make you a gazillionaire.

    Mark, you crazy Trekkie.

  5. I want to be taupe. with orange eyes and purple hair that looked like it was on fire in a purplish flame. I want sharp teeth, and super great night vision.

  6. TC, ni-i-i-ice. I can picture it. And I’m avoiding you like the plague on nights when there’s a Full Moon. On second thought, running at full speed screaming at the top of my lungs sounds like fun.

  7. I would like to have chameleon skin, changing with my moods 😉

    just stopping by to say halo!!

    love the videos, thanx for sharing!

    xo ~Bella

  8. Bella, Hi, long time no see. My fault *hangs head*. I love your idea. In fact I have a chameleon tattoo! (get it??) But the color change thing could come in handy for so many occasions…

  9. Oooo! Can I be heliotrope?

  10. Si, if I were inclined, I would Google that. As it is, I’m thinking that is either a muse or a flower. Something tells me I’m wrong on both counts. But yeah, sure, you’re a welcome guest here, you can be whatever the hell you want. Just don’t violate any public decency laws. They might not have those in Canada, but we do here…

  11. this is total genius. and you are now my hero. these are such neat ideas, and perhaps we’d all be a little more human with one another. that’s good stuff right there.

  12. Piglet, you got my point. I’m sick of racial issues. Give people something else to concentrate on, skin color is so not an issue. (Or shouldn’t be.)

  13. Belgium…

    What about poke-a-dot?

  14. BD, I know, I was being smart facetious. Why don’t they call them Belgianese or Belgic or Belgs or Belgiumican or something that makes sense???
    No, polka-dots are not allowed. ;-Þ

  15. They are called Belgian. A portion speak a twist of Dutch / German / French viz. Flemish. It’s just an old word for that region.

    Where did the name, ‘Yanks’ come from?

  16. BD, I knew that, I guess maybe you need to get used to my warped sense of humor. But I like how you are turning my comments space into a virtual information source. Makes my blog seem more erudite. Did I use that correctly???

    And here is an explanation of “Yank” for ya.

  17. Warped, speak for yourself.

  18. BD, I WAS speaking for myself… wasn’t that obvious?

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