8 AM

Oh my goodness, it’s a beautiful morning.

I’ve watched the sunrise every morning this week.  Some days it was through a heavy cloud of fog, once or twice through the rain. And I’ve been looking forward to Saturday so I could sit on my porch, in no rush, enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to the birds.

It’s a little chilly but the sun is bright and there are little white puffy clouds scattered against the blue.  The air is crisp and clean and except for the birds, it’s quiet and peaceful.

Just the way I like to start my day.

3 responses to “8 AM

  1. that really does sound delightful. Had my own cuppa tea this morning, looking at the overcast sky and threatening rain through the kitchen window.

  2. Sounds wonderful.

    Our human alarm clock, sometimes going by “Ben,” woke us up this morning at 7:10, and we rushed around prepping everything for his tee ball game at 9. Still a good morning, to be sure, but one like you describe here, even just occasionally, would be heaven.

  3. There is just something calming about an early morning porch sit down watching the birds.

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