Modest Mouse on David Letterman Live

I love this song…

9 responses to “#69

  1. Whoa, your alive. I was getting ready to call out the hounds! 😉

  2. Oh, by the way, interesting post title!

  3. I’ve actually heard them before. That really is a fabulous song.

  4. A buddy of mine just loaned me this cd yesterday. So I’ve been tooling around listening to it. Good timing, Linda.

    I’m really digging the new album. They got that new guitar player and it has changed the sound a bit. More catchy guitar licks to capture your attention. But overall…it’s more of the same, which is a very good thing in my book.

    Thanks for the video

  5. Jeff, yeah, just barely 😉 I was on your site, don’t you read it??? As for my post title, see below.

    Si, I liked Modest Mouse when they first came out and then didn’t and now do again. Go figure. Glad you like it.

    Mokker, is the whole cd good? I have a couple iTunes cards burning a hole in my pocket.

    Everybody, I downloaded this video a couple of weeks ago and sent it to my blog and it never showed up until now. My timestamp is fubar. As for the post title, I never titled it. Evidently WordPress decided to name it Post #69. I guess it’s as good a title as any 😉 The song title, by the way, is Dashboard.

  6. The power of the Modest Mouse, they were better first taste. It’s like this, should I shouldn’t I drivvle now…

    Titles, timestamps and fubar – seems technology is one up on you?

  7. BD, Your Scottish has befuddled me yet again. Drivvle?

    Yeah, you and technology 😉

  8. How did you know I was Scottish?

    Drivvle – crap, the Scottish word would be bourich anyway…

  9. BD, was a guess. You showed up as a dot on my site meter… Am I right or is my guess bourich?

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