I did it again. 

There was another storm last night.  This one was windier and there was more lightning.  This time I did it with only one cigarette and no beer.  And I got wet this time.  It was fabulous.

And I will do it again the next chance I get.  And if I still don’t get fried,  I’ll keep on doing it.  I can’t tell you how exquisite it was to know that we were expecting a storm and not feel that intense anxiety that normally comes…

12 responses to “TWO FOR TWO

  1. Desensitization is a beautiful concept, baby!

    We watched a big storm tonight (straight-line winds gusting up to 100 MPH), and I got some pics. I’m waiting for my Friday Pic of the Week post for that.

  2. I’m anxiously awaiting our first real good thunderstorm of the year. I do so love them!

  3. Mark and Simon, 🙂

  4. We had storms, too. No power for several hours. I got some picture, but probably not as good as Mark’s.

  5. We had storms too. I didn’t get any pictures nor sit out and enjoy it. But I’m glad everyone else is enjoying the weather. And good job, Linda. I predict storm chasing in your near future 😉

  6. Alvis, sorry to hear your power was out. That’s a drag. How’s le bebe?

    Mokker, I must get over to visit you soon. I will. As for the “new” Shins’ song, I was mistaken. The song I heard was Girl Sailor from Wincing. Sorry if I got your hopes up. Here’s a link to the playlist from that day from my favorite station:
    They play some great tunes. Have a good weekend 🙂

  7. I love the sounds of thunder and rain at night. And silly me, I have a CD of “nature sounds” – crashing surf, etc., – loaded on my iPod and there’s a half-hour long thunderstorm . . . the real thing, recorded by some nutty sound engineers. I love falling asleep to it.

  8. Brian, Me too. Except before, the lightning always ruined my enjoyment of it. I have a thunderstorm cd also, never thought of putting it on the iPod… I also love to listen to the ocean, maybe even more. In real life, definitely.

  9. awesome! how did you get here from where you were?

  10. i love storms as well… especially if they have lots of lightning and tons of rain. don’t get the good kind here in bahrain. i miss the ones of texas.

  11. I sat through the rain this weekend also.

  12. Glad to hear that you are finding that storms are actually a beautiful experience.

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