Happy Birthday today to my baby, JuJu.  Lest she have a problem with my doing so, I’ll not tell you her age.  All I know is that the day she was born was one of my very best days…

Update:  Oh. I promised Jeff I would do this and I forgot. I feel really badly.  My apologies, Jeff.  You’re a wonderful man.

8 responses to “MAKE A WISH AND BLOW…

  1. 30. Is she 30??? Going over there to wish her a happy birthday.

  2. I hopped over there to wish her a good one. Thanks for the tip!

  3. you are a good mom. happy to you juju.

  4. Yay juju. Well I think that family is very important and part of the memorial was to spend some time with the ones you love or at least let them know how much you love them. I think you did that here!

  5. So what age is juju now?

  6. Alvis, no Ju is not 30. My son is 30.

    Mark and Piglet, you’re welcome and thanks.

    Jeff, you made me feel a little better, but I still screwed up…

    TC, if she wants you to know, and you ask her, she might tell you…

  7. Welllll, unless 30 gets you more presents and cake…then yes, perhaps I AM 30.

  8. 30 it is, then! Happy 30th, Ju!

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