Hey, it was nice of you all to come by and leave such lovely thoughts.  I miss you.

A good part of my absence here I will attribute to the extreme wonderfulness (and I hesitate to make a big deal for fear of jinxing) of the fact that PD is having a few good days in a row.  He’s run me ragged! 

We’re in the process of stripping all the ugly lacquer off our ancient kitchen cupboards.  I’ve always wanted them painted white and it seems my dream is showing promise of actually coming to fruition.

We’ve cut down two bothersome and unmanageable bushes which became trees from in front of our house.  Eons  Years ago, someone planted them too close to the house and they were wreaking havoc with the foundation.  Not to mention shedding needles and other assorted goodies all over the front porch. 

We also removed a whole shitload of shrubs which surrounded the front yard which a) were a pain in the butt to keep trimmed so we could see over them and b) were collecting litter consisting mostly of empty pop bottles, losing lottery tickets and cigarette butts from kids walking past the house.  We bought some fencing and a really cool black wrought-iron arbor with a gate to put at the end of the sidewalk leading to the street.

So while my biceps and calouses are getting bigger, my energy and time here is waning.  But that’s ok.

Hey, guess what I did last night?  (TC, you will be so proud of me.)  Around 10pm it started to storm and there were tornado warnings for areas, I believe North and a little West of here.  It was still warm outside and yeah, I should have been in bed.  Don’t know where I got the courage, but I grabbed my smokes and a beer and went out on the back porch and watched the lightning.  I did!  At one point I came in and said to PD, “Do you see that I am on the porch during the storm?”  He did, and I asked him if he’d like to join me and he replied “No, you need to be brave all by yourself.”  So I did.  I beed brave all by myself.  What a rush that was.  A couple of big streaks of lightning lit up the whole sky not terribly far away.  Every cell in my body was dancing.  It sounds hokey, I know, but I felt so alive!  Adrenaline OD  😉  Anyway, I thought I’d share that.  Anyone who knows me, knows that when it storms I cower in the basement and tremble with fear.  No more!  I HAVE OVERCOME!

I’ll tell you what, getting old is really interesting and fun as hell.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring…  

Oh, I finished The Kite Runner.  Awesome book.

15 responses to “GOOD TIMES

  1. Forgive me if I sound nosy, but what was wrong with PD? I’ve never met anyone afraid of a thunder storm. Glad to see you faced your fears!

  2. Awesome! I’m so proud of you! I’m glad PD has been having some good days–although I hope he lets you get some much deserved rest. Sheesh, what a slave driver he is (is that p.c.?-oh well no harm)!Have a nice hump day!

  3. There are only a few things I can think of that I’d rather do than sit outside during a thunder storm and enjoy the light show with a beer in my hand. That is awesome Linda — that you got the opportunity AND that you took that opportunity. Rock on!

    Major spring cleaning is on our agenda this weekend. Like, Amy has the inside and I have the outside. And the garage. Damn, but it feels good to feel comfortable outside in the pleasant weather again!

  4. love this, “I beed brave all by myself”… my sisters and i all talk like that to each other and to our kids 🙂 have you been spying on us? hee.

    awesome that you enjoyed that storm, they are gorgeous to watch.

    we had the big old hurricane hugo about 15 or so years ago and i went out and walked around in it. it felt peaceful and serene.

    glad you overcame that fear, i love it when i’ve walked through a fear and come out on the other side.

  5. Yay for Linda! Are you ready to be a storm chaser now? I could use a partner as it is really hard to drive like hell and take photos of a tornado at the same time!

  6. Watching storms is wonderful. Glad you discovered the joy for yourself.

  7. Where do you get all this energy, and how can I get my hands on some?

  8. TC is super proud of you, braving the storm, up at 10, and wreaking havoc. Shit thats awesome! now you just need to sit in the rain next time.

  9. Good post. We had severe storms and tornadoes in our last night (Dallas/Fort Worth). I would like to have watched the lightning, but I don’t actually have a porch big enough to prevent me from being drenched by torrential rains. Perhaps if my garage was clean…

  10. Hip-Hip-Huurray for Linda who beed brave!!

    I love watching a storm. I’ll admit that I have a fear of tornados, though. I dont’ know where it came from becasue I couldn’t have cared less as a kid. But these days I have a hard time sleeping when the wind is really whipping around outside. Rain and thunder…love it. Wind…I’ll pass.

  11. Lori, PD has Meniere’s Disease. It’s a balance disorder. Imagine being dizzy most of the time with nausea and headaches, pressure in your head and ears. There are varying degrees. PD’s is worse than most and affects both ears. Weather changes and motion trigger his worst spells.
    It’s the lightning, not the thunder that gets me.

    Natalie, did you ever think you’d live to see the day??? I’m expecting a big hug next time I see you.
    Slave driver/PC-LOL

    Simon, I’ll think of you next time I’m beeing brave. Our weather quickly eroded to rainy and chilly. Can you keep some of that Canadian air up there?

    Piglet, I miss you. I hope I can get some free time soon. I think we could talk for hours. I mean years.

    Jeff, I’m not sure I’m up for that yet, (but I can drive fast) but if I were, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather do it with. Stormchase, I mean 😉

    Mark, when were you going to let me in on that little secret??? Hi, miss you!

    Fab, Hi!!! I got that energy all over me, all you gotta do is reach out and… well. Harness it?

    TC 🙂 I will, Coach.

    Alvis, hope there wasn’t any storm damage close by. You giving that baby the hugs and kisses I sent?

    Mokker, Yeah. Wind. That blows.

  12. Wow! Pardon me if I sound naive, I just want to understand this disease a bit better. Is there medication that he can take? Is he able to function or does it pretty much restrict him to home?

  13. Lori, Yes PD is on numerous medications and a bi-weekly injection, all of which do little more than keep him reasonably functional and mess up his sleep. He has had surgery twice without noticeable improvement. Most treatments are experimental. His only new option at this point are antibiotic injections into the middle ear with no guarantee for results. The injections are monthly, $1,500 per shot and not covered by insurance…

  14. Oh my heart goes out to him. So you must really cherish those good days. It’s a shame anyone has to put up with that day in day out, especially this day and age. I hope they find some sort of cure sooner than later. How long has he suffered from this? How can anyone afford those injections? That’s crazy. It must be so frustrating for both of you. Take care.

  15. WOW, Lin. I’m so proud of you and PD for being able to get some work done around the house. (You do have a very nice house) I’m also proud of you being outside watching the lightening…didn’t know you were afraid of it. NO MORE!! Nothing like watching Mother Nature’s light show from the porch.

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