This is like, my third attempt at posting.  This is not supposed to be a chore.  And it never has been before.  I usually come here prepared and excited to share.  Lately, I dunno.  I’m not feeling it.  It could be any number of things… 

  • The weather is nice and I’d rather be outside enjoying fresh air. 
  • PD (knock on wood) has been feeling somewhat better and is back to his slave-driving old self. 😉  So I’ve been busy.  We’ve got an assortment of projects we’re working on and hoping to complete in time to still enjoy what’s left of summer. 
  • My brain is feeling more fried than normal and thinking is painful. Yeah, really.
  • Actually, I really can’t put my finger on it.  Boredom?  I don’t think so.  But who knows.  I hope this goes away, whatever it is.

At any rate, I apologize for not visiting and/or commenting on blogs with the same frequency and enthusiasm lately.  It’s just not there 😦

13 responses to “BLOGGER BLUES?

  1. Everyone goes through it. Take a break and recharge. Enjoy life without burden. Find happiness in an unlikely place.

  2. You may have noticed a decrease in my posting frequency since the weather turned nice. I feel no shame and neither should you 😉

  3. Keep Martha’ s Vineyard in your mind.
    Enjoy the great weather!
    The book The Secret says you are the master of your own thoughts.
    Think happiness and you will attract happiness!
    Yes, Reeeally….

  4. I know the feeling. I only kept going with the Easter posts because once I started, leaving anything out would make someone feel slighted. Weird, huh? Blogging is supposed to be for the blogger, not the blog-ees.

    Do the Spring thing!

  5. I would venture to guess that it’s mostly the weather. Though I’m not a blogger, but a bloggee that used to be the most important part of my day-usually the first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed, now that it’s nice I actually went for 2 days without even turning my computer on at all! Imagine that!

  6. “…still enjoy what’s left of summer.”

    Hoo-boy this must be bad, since summer is still technically two months away. It being spring right now and all. (I just hope my tactless technical point may distract you enough that you can focus on something else.)

  7. Don’t feel bad. Enjoy life, take it easy. Although if you stay gone for too long, I will miss you. 😦

  8. it seems to be going around, and i hope you don’t spend too much time concerned about visiting and commenting. you are much too wise for that 🙂

    have some fun, take care of yourself, get a massage, climb a tree even 🙂

  9. life slips past us faster than we realize….

    enjoy your time and enjoy the weather….

    summer is heading this way, and w/ any luck, i’ll be heading to Cali for the summer, or at least for a month… so maybe it won’t be so bad.

    i hope you’re feeling better. i haven’t been reading blogs as of late…. just here and there. i like your new look….

    take care 🙂

  10. We should start a club or something. I have been having some of the same problems. It is so nice out that I spend my day out on the porch swing watching the world go by!

  11. Some would say, it’s laziness…

  12. TC is having a similar problem with posting and visiting friends. But I am still here to bother you.

  13. DJ, Thanks, you sound all philosophical-like. I like that in a dude. 😉

    Mokker, Yeah. Shame is not in our bocabulary.

    Kate, Look out Martha, those women are coming back!
    😉 I can’t wait… I’m anxious to attract some serious happiness, you?

    Mark. You are a smart man 🙂

    Natalie, Wow. You never cease to amaze me 😉

    Si, I meant after the projects are done… You know, I wrote that and noticed the possibility for misinterp and was going to change it and thought, ah, wtf. 😉 Now I can’t think of anything else… ;-Þ

    Alvis, thanks for saying that. You’re a kind, sweet man.

    Piglet, I love when someone gives me detailed instructions on what to do. I could totally hang out with you 🙂

    Tooners, so nice to hear from you. Enjoy your trip and love that new baby a little extra for me 😉

    Jeff, that’s a good idea. Meetings are at my house, every other Tuesday at 7pm. You bring donuts. 😉

    BD, some would. Some wouldn’t. I won’t if you don’t.

    TC, and I thank my lucky stars for that!

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