I had something to say, which was nothing short of amazing, considering that I’m sporting a Novocaine-induced cheek/mouth numbification… but all I can think aboot right now is the fact that I deleted my profile photo and uploaded another one.  Problem is, now I have a big black square where my Novocaine-numbed face should be.

You know, I have no wrinkles on that one side of my face right now.  Screw Botox.  Pour me a shot of Novocaine.


  1. hee, my problem with novocaine is that i always end up biting my lips. and that stuff lasts forever on me. it takes extra shots to get me numb and then it lasts almost all day afterwards.

    hope your mouth is ok. i guess as long as you can continue to type that would be ok with me since blogging doesn’t require mouth function 🙂

  2. Nice nod to Bill Cosby. That was a funny bit, which I first heard while in the orthodontist’s torture exam chair.

    I’ll tell you what my dad (a dentist) always told me. “Don’t pinch it!”

  3. I think you’ll get your picture back when the numbing wears off. It’s causing the photo to go all black on you. Trust me…

  4. Um, never mind about that ‘Thrakazog’ bit. Heh. Leftover from a different comment on another WordPress site. Stupid, allegedly ‘smart’ computers, and their helpful auto-fill.

  5. I hate that feeling. I find it creepy. Granted…it’s better than the pain it’s masking…but I find it unsettling to loose contact with my body parts.

    Thrakazog – Don’t bring your war-mongering mutant ways into this nice, respectable community.

    Damn mutants.

  6. I thought Thrakazog was a knight?

    Anyway…why the numb? Did you break a tooth??

    I need to see the dentist, but I cannot stand that numb feeling…it lasts all day on me too and I look like a stroke victim…usually my eyelid goes numb. Fun.

  7. Piglet, my mouth is fine. Smoking a cigarette is nothing short of hilarious in that state… Normally, I don’t think blogging does require mouth function. Except in my case. I eat the whole time I’m writing. Today it’s cashews, two kinds of cheese, celery and carrot stix and an apple. That’s just my “after school” snack. It’s after work but that would sound dumb.

    Mark, Aha! That explains your beautiful smile! PD recites that bit often. But I don’t think Bill Cosby said “Fubucking” in his act. I don’t know that for sure…

    Si, the pic magically appeared when the numb wore off. You are amazing. 😉
    Autofill… once I commented on a site I wasn’t a “regular” on and was horrified to see that I had commented as “Mom,” after having been on Ju’s site. All I could think of was, omg, what if this person’s mother is dead… Turned out, the blogger thought it was funny but still… shit.

    Mokker, Thanks, darlin’, for making me laugh. I can feel my face now.

    Ju, when did you get smarter than me, anyway???
    Yeah, I lost a crown at the mall a couple weeks ago eating a cheesecake bar from a bake sale. I thought I’d told you. I’ve had that eyelid thing and it’s unnerving. Your eye gets all dry. The worst part though is when the needle goes in your gum and feels like it’s going to come out your eyebrow. God, I hate that.
    So glad you finally posted!!!

  8. Wasn’t he one of the Ressurection Man comic book characters?


  9. BD, you must be talking to Simon… I’m clueless. I guess though, if I was any kind of a Blog Mistress, I would look that up for you, wouldn’t I? 😉
    If Wishing would make it so… (my new answer for Everything. Ha!)

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