Why in the name of God is the media airing Britney Spears’ goofy-ass rant on a day of sadness and tragedy?  As if the heinous murder of 32 innocent college students at Virgina Tech by a madman isn’t enough to leave us all shaking our heads and in our shoes.  There is only one less crazy person in the world today, after having shot himself in Virginia.

My prayers and sympathy go out to all the families, friends and loved ones of the precious kids whose lives were so horribly, unjustly stolen today.

If wishing could make it so…

8 responses to “ONLY IN AMERICA

  1. Isn’t it disgusting? I heard the news today around lunch time, and all I could think about was my baby who was at school at the time. She’s 4 and has had to practice lockdowns at school. What is that? UGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Makes me so mad!

  2. The really disturbing part is that VT didn’t lock down after the first incident so at least 31 lives could have been saved had the police and the school administrators practised a little common sense!

  3. It sounds like it was handled badly. The excuse was that they thought it was a “domestic” issue, an isolated incident.

    That’s not a good excuse. A college campus is a place where students should expect to learn in a safe environment.

    The medical school in Little Rock is an oasis surrounded by bad neighborhoods, yet it’s one of the safest places to be in the city.

    VT will never make this mistake again, but it’s tragic that they did at all.

  4. Another argument for gun control. Yet the NRA will continue to misread the Second Amendment and argue that Virginia’s flimsy gun purchasing laws had nothing to do with the incident. Sure, you’re never going to deter fully the crazies out there. But shouldn’t we make it rather difficult to purchase and own guns? And the talk of “hunters’ rights”?? What’s the percentage of Americans who hunt? Frankly, I don’t think that group of dedicated “sportsmen” (what an idiotic word) would mind a few extra hurdles to clear in their quest for a killing machine. And I also don’t think Wal-Mart should be selling firearms. Geez, in Virginia you can’t even buy liquor (beer and wine are available everywhere) without having to visit a state-controlled “ABC Store.” How about a state-run outlet for selling guns? There will always be a shadow market for guns . . . but how about limiting the number of firearms that find their way from legitimate outlets to illegal ones? We need to take a cue from Europe . . . Ok, I’ve ranted enough. As a native of Virginia, I’m saddened by the incident . . . but not surprised.

  5. So sad
    Our cousin taught at Virginia Tech until about 4 years ago. I’m so glad she wasn’t there yesterday.


  6. Lori, I understand the anger. It’s wrong to live like me must sometimes.
    Jeff, Yes and that makes it that much more sad.
    Mark, Agreed.
    Brian, All valid points, I’m on your side.
    Cas, Can you imagine the terror all those people experienced and will have to deal with for a long time to come?
    TC, Yes, indeed.

  7. amen and ditto on the prayers to the families. violence is never the answer.

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