Sometimes when life gets hectic or unmanageable or unsatisfying, I retreat to that place in my head where the world is as I would like it to be. An avoidance technique, if you will.  Many would chastise me for the ridiculous amount of time I spend inside my head/haven, but I care not.  I’m a tired tried-and-true Pisces through and through and it’s my prerogative…

In My Perfect World:

  • The only time the Sun isn’t shining is when the Moon is.
  • Each room in my home has an entire wall of drawers or cabinets labeled with its contents and everything is always where it’s supposed to be.
  • Everything in my house that I do not need magically disappears.  Until, of course, when I do need it and then it magically appears in the first place I look.
  • There is a separate highway system for drivers who don’t know how to drive follow the rules.
  • Music (in all its forms, including live concerts), medical care, and public transportation (in all its forms, worldwide) are free.
  • The work week consists of three 8-hour days of your choice.  I choose Tue-Thur.
  • The grass in one’s yard does not grow more than 2 inches tall.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and mind-altering drugs are both good for you and not subject to government regulations.
  • Chocolate grows on trees, year round.
  • Hair always does exactly what you want it to.
  • The same holds true for one’s spouse or significant other.
  • Cashews, almonds, pistachios are all options for what one would like readily dispensed from one’s refrigerator door.
  • Sex is as available as downloadable ring tones. flavored coffees.
  • My mouth works in conjunction with my brain.  Always.
  • A good doctor/daycare/phone plan/mechanic is easier to find than a Walmart.
  • Wishing makes things so.

19 responses to “IN MY HEAD

  1. Unfortunately the weather here is crap! Your “haven” sounds like a very cool place, maybe you can give me directions! Happy dreary Saturday!

  2. When your haven pops into existance in the real world…let me know. I’d love to visit. Mmmm, chilled pistachios.

    In my perfect world…we have teleporters. It’s a simple request, but one that I wish for more than anything else.

  3. Nat, Being that it’s purely fantasy, the only way “in” is through my head. But you can get one too! They’re free. 🙂

    Mokker, Sheesh, I wasn’t thinking about the nuts being chilled.
    Teleporters. Now there’s a concept. Sure as heck would come in handy.

  4. I’m with MG on the teleporters. Too bad that even if they ever were invented, only the military and the rich would have them.

    I like your list, Linda. Might as well wish for the best if you can have anything at all.

  5. That chocolate thing would have me there for sure. Technically, it already DOES grow on trees, but not in the form we all prefer. To be able to reach up and pluck a fudge truffle? Heaven!

  6. The wishing things makes them so would relax the need for teleporters. Oh, how I wish…

  7. Send me a ticket when your world comes true!

  8. Mark, Yeah, and somehow they would end up being used to further corrupt the world… Thanks for indulging me.

    Simon, You got a point there, hadn’t thought of that. I’ve never tasted a cacao bean (Is that what they’re called???) but there seems to be a lot of candy out now boasting the flavor… I would want a Reese’s Cup tree. In a pot by my bed… Maybe a bush would avail easier access, huh?

    BD, You’re giving me ideas for a whole new post, dude!

    DJ, I’ll just wish and you’ll be there. Any particular day good for you? 😉 You can bring Shrew.

  9. BD, Ideas like… I dunno, I never really thought about wishing. Today I thought about it alot, way more than I had before writing this post. I was kind of frivolous with it but I’m going to think of say, Ten Things that I honestly, seriously wish for. If I can narrow it down more than that I will. Think about your Ten Things so that when I post, you can share yours.

  10. In my perfect world I could sit on my ass all day and all of my financial needs would be taken care of. 🙂

  11. my world would be full of the B’s

  12. Alvis, sounds good, but it’s not really that simple, is it? Surely you’d like more…

    TC, How did I know you would say that??? You might wanna add a little H* to the mix.

    * Havoc 😉

  13. I didn’t think it possible to love you any more than I already did, then you post this! Mmmmm cashews!

  14. A Reese’s Cup tree?! Oh, lordy, I’m drooling just thinking about that.

  15. Jeff, I can’t live without cashews. Or love. 😉

    Simon, Can you imagine it? With no wrappers to get in the way. Mmmm…

  16. Love your ideas….need to think up a few of my own…

  17. love this list! specially the “separate highway system” and this “Each room in my home has an entire wall of drawers or cabinets labeled with its contents and everything is always where it’s supposed to be.”

    pisces eh? i’m quite drawn to pisces on a regular basis. so far, most of them have been in real life (as opposed to blog life). pisces are good people. you are going to two different directions at the same time 🙂 my nephew is a pisces…. you know, the writer?

  18. Mishka, Thanks. I was being silly but there is a valid amount of real wishing going on there. It’s fun to wish 😉

    Piglet, I think if you like and can get along with a Piscean, there is something special about you 😉 We can be difficult to figure out and spend a lot of time in our heads. (I’m a perfect testament to that fact) And the two-directional thing, it’s a curse. But my life never gets boring and I love that. I feel well-loved and I’m not bragging but I get on well with way, way more people than I don’t. I adapt well to any situation pretty much and my creativity (when I’m able to exercise it…) keeps life interesting and fun. I have two co-worker friends (casual) though, who are both Pisces and neither of them are AT ALL like me or even anything at all like each other.
    Your nephew seems very cool. Must run in the fambly.

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