Too tired I am

Too tired I be

You see I am

Too tired to….. post.

And yeah, I know it doesn’t rhyme. Too tired to care.  G’night.


4 responses to “2 TIRED

  1. 2 tired to comment now,
    2 tired I say.
    2 tired to work it out,
    so I’ll go away.

  2. Amigo, I’m not 2 tired 2 B impressed with your rhyming skills 😉

  3. Ya know, rhyming is a uniquely English phenomena in poetry. No other language uses rhyme. So we can all just pretend that you were writing in some exotic foreign language and this is how it all translated. Sound like a plan?

  4. M+,
    A plan it is,
    A plan it be.
    I see your plan
    And I’ll up you one.

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