I need sunshine.  I need heat.  I need to put away hats and gloves and scarves. I NEED SPRING.  Is it ever going to come??? 

The black monster* is sitting in the corner in the kitchen.  It cannot be fed for 24 hours.  Man, that thing is going to be ravenous by tomorrow at this time.  I hope it doesn’t eat PD while I’m at work tomorrow.  It’s big enough, it could conceivably swallow him whole…  The thing didn’t look that big in the store.  But you know, it really adds character to my kitchen.  Although a big black hungry monster lurking in a corner would add character to any room.  

Remember my friend Rick who was having some problems at Christmas?  God bless him; when I came home Easter evening from a day with the Fambly, the answering machine was blinking.  I pushed play and there was Rick, singing two verses of “Easter Parade”. 

“In your Easter bonnet, with all the fringe (he sang) upon it, you’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade…  On the avenue, (My street name he sang) … etc.”

Rick has had several strokes and his speech is a bit garbled, but I understood perfectly what he sang and it touched my heart and brought a tear. 

* our new fridge

11 responses to “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE

  1. Nice photo, it is daffy time…

  2. BD, Sheesh, how did you do that? I barely clicked Publish and there you are commenting. Impressive.

  3. I hope the monster doesn’t eat PD–that could be tragic not too mention possibly very messy! Is it like a gremlin? Cause if it is you’d better sleep with one eye open! I’m glad your friend took the time on the holiday to send you a special holiday greeting–he sounds like he must be a very sweet guy!

  4. I’m sitting here, typing this one handed, while my newest son is curled up on my chest. Man…that should be in MY blog…

    Anyway, very nice picture. I plan to put up a picture of a flower on my blog tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.

    I’ve missed reading and commenting here and other places, but a two week old sure creates a lot of work 🙂

  5. Natalie, First, your mom wants you to send me the monster email… Second, PD will be up all night admiring the new monster. Have to tell you a got him a life-like red squirrel (ceramic) for his birthday (and a telescope) and a card that said something about nuts. hee hee
    Yes, that was awesome what Rick did. I thought you’d think so too.

    Alvis, Oooooh, I wish I was typing one-handed right now and cuddling a yittle bebe. Give him a hug for us.
    I can’t take credit for the pic, but I like it too.
    Miss you here but you got something way more fun to keep you busy, we’ll be here when you have time 🙂

  6. funny post, i too hope the monster doesn’t eat your husband 🙂

  7. Piglet, If it does, I wonder if it will spit him back out in ice cubes?

  8. Hey dere, lady. Spring needs to sprung, already! It did so here, and then made a mad retreat at the first sign of a cold front. Even down here in Texas we had freezing temperatures and some snow on Easter weekend. Just not right.

    PD as ice cubes. Never met him. Never seen him. But that was a funny image.

  9. I don’t know, Linda. PD as ice cubes could be kinda nice when spring does finally show itself. Sitting on the porch drinking iced tea with just a hint of PD flavor. I know Simon, with his Laphroaig obsession, loves his drinks a little peety…maybe you will too.

  10. Wow the comments degenerated pretty quickly into something resembling a cannibal meet up!

    At any rate, enjoy your new fridge and for the love of God don’t stick PD in the ice maker to see what happens!

  11. Mark, You had snow? Sheesh, that bites.

    Mokker, LOL

    Jeff, You got that right… No chance of that happening, it’s full of real food now.

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