Easter Forecast- FrigidAire

I’ve been sent the above “Easter greeting” in emails for aboot the past three years and it still makes me laugh every time…

Spent the day shawpin’ today with PD and me mum.  Blustery as a day on Pooh Corner and twice as cold, but a fun day.  I made my rounds to my music stores and found lots of good buys.  Right now I’m listening to Hem ~ Funnel Cloud .  I’d heard a good song on my favorite radio station (at the bottom of my blogroll) and I figured, for $5.99, even if it was the only good song on the cd, it wasn’t worth passing up.  As it turns out, it’s an ok cd, a little mellow for my taste but if I should ever get into a mellow mood (I did once a few years back) it would be a great listen.  Sally Ellyson has a beautiful voice.  There are violins, mandolins, glockenspiel, dobro and a pedal steel guitar on there which makes it a little more interesting.  I will give it another listen in a day or two and see if it grows on me.

Don’t recall if I mentioned this or not but our refrigerator is dying so we had to go fridge shawpin’.  I just wanted a new fridge that works; white would be fine, a freezer on top, great.  PD had other ideas.  First I had to talk him out of a stainless.  We compromised, I agreed to a side by side if he’d give up on the stainless.  Then he wanted an ice maker and filtered water on the door.  Do you know there are refrigerators that have special temperature-controlled drawers that can defrost or nearly freeze items and that they are equipped with timers so you can have food defrosted or nearly frozen whenever you want? Anyway, the only model that had all the features Poopy we liked was, you guessed it… stainless steel.  And it was way more than I thought we should spend.  As it turned out, the model was also available in black (our compromise color) and was on sale and qualified for a delivery rebate that would leave us paying only $5.00 to have it delivered and our old fridge hauled away.  The model I showed you in the link isn’t the exact model (I didn’t have time to click on every pic) but it’s the most similar.  So on Tuesday I will come home from work and there will be  big black monster with a belly full of all our food sitting in my kitchen. I wonder if you can substitute beer in the water dispenser…

In Pennsylvania this year, both Christmas and Thanksgiving temperatures were warmer than our Easter.  Wtf?

So go bite the asses and ears off some chocolate bunnies and save me the black jelly beans.  And while you’re at it, have a really nice Easter.

13 responses to “Easter Forecast- FrigidAire

  1. Love the Greeting !!!
    Have a Happy Easter, and stay warm. Oh, the joys of living in SWPA.

  2. We just moved into a new house and had to buy all new appliances. We went black in the kitchen. I love it. Our fridge is very similar to yours. It arrives this Tuesday. Can’t wait!We purchased it all from Sears and have had nothing but grief with them. The first delivery was all five appliances…3 had to go back as they were dented. A week later, 2 returned and like I said This Tuesday we will get the fridge. (There was nothing wrong with the first fridge, I just didn’t like it in the spot we have for it. It was too small. Now I just have to pray the new one is not too big. Tape measurers don’t lie, right?

  3. M+, Happy Easter to you too 🙂 My fur bonnet looked loverly…

    Lori, Poor you. We did Lowe’s and so far the experience has been wonderful, the sales guy was awesome, really knew his stuff. Ours is expected to be delivered on Tue. also. Good Luck to both of us.

  4. Those bunnies made me laugh.

    Side by side, unless oversized, is not the style for me.

    I don’t know if there still made this way, but my dad’s freezer is on bottom, and that’s kind of cool until you need ice for a drink. Then it’s squatting time. Of course, the other way around, you have to squat to get an apple or a carrot.

    Have you answered the beer dispensing question yet?

  5. They’re. OMG.

  6. Mark, They still do make them with the freezer on the bottom and I like them but PD didn’t. The side by side was sort of a compromise on that issue too.
    Please explain your second comment, I’m not getting it.

  7. I used “there” instead of “they’re” in my first comment. Just awful.

  8. I guess Steel is a guy thing. side by sides while handy, do waste space.

  9. i totally think black jelly bean eaters are a god-send. my husband is one, therefore i don’t have to feel guilty for not eating them.

    fridge shopping isn’t fun 🙂

  10. Mark, it hit me later at work that that was probly it. They’re you go, worrying again. 😉

    TC, I have the space to waste ;-Þ

    Piglet, Ha! Don’t you love it when his mouth and tongue get all blue-black???
    Actually, the shopping wasn’t bad, it was the negotiating. And I don’t mean with the salesman, I mean with Poopy. 😉

  11. Got the fridge today. I LOVE it. Fits perfectly. How about you. Did you get your fridge yet?

  12. Oh, Where’s JuJu?

  13. Lori, Ours came today too and it’s gorgeous, if appliances can be gorgeous. We hadn’t seen it in black, the floor model was stainless. And it’s huge! It fits but we have to move our wall phone, which is not a big deal, we hardly ever use it. JuJu? She’s been really busy w/kids and still unpacking. I’ll see if I can nudge her back into Blogville…

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