So after a terrific Easter dinner at me mum’s house, I find myself here with a giant cup of coffee laced heavily with French Vanilla creamer and a plate of yummy homemade peanut butter fudge and Turtle Temptations which are chocolate/caramel/pecan bars oozing with yumminess.  Forget that I feasted earlier on ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green bean casserole, pickled beets and eggs, dinner rolls, pumpkin pie, pineapple upside-down cake, spinach dip on rye and pumpernikel and just one glass of wine.  I’ve never been a calorie counter and I don’t intend to start now but I imagine my total intake today would feed a couple of third world villages.  I don’t mean that to be funny.  It’s sinful how much I eat sometimes.  Which brings me to the subject of my weight gain.  In the past couple of months my total gain is now up to 12 pounds.  Maybe I should start counting the calories before it gets out of control…  Nah, I enjoy food too much. 

There is now a possibility that I may be able to go back to the Vineyard this year for a week’s vacation.  That could be inspiration to slow down on the food consumption.  No way would I put on a bathing suit right now.  Not without a shoe horn and some Crisco , anyway  😉

10 responses to “BABY’S GITTIN’ BACK

  1. TC likes to eat too. That’s why he runs. Forget scaling back on the food.

  2. It’s a scientifically prooven fact that all food consumed between April 6th and 9th is somehow mysteriously free of calories. And chocolate purchased during that time retains its calorie-free state for at least a week after. And that’s really handy!

  3. This post made me want a delicious cup of coffee. Yum.

  4. dude, everyone had such great easter food! i had rice crispies and jelly beans. next year, i’m heading your way for some eats.

  5. TC, A concept I hadn’t considered. Hmmm…

    Si, Handy, definitely. Believable? Sure!

    Mark, hmmn. Ok then.

    Piglet, you’re on.

  6. More fucking upside down pineapple cake! I’m never going to escape it…

  7. BD, You’re going to have to explain this, Buddy 😉 I love pineapple upside down cake stories…

  8. It just seems to be of those things that no matter where you go, its there just sitting on the table. Kinda sideways looking…

  9. We had a pretty tame Easter meal…and oddly…no candy. We went out to eat since my mom is a bit scared to cook for the vegetarians. But, it was a large gathering of family…so the spirit was still there.

  10. BD, I hear there’s a new movie coming out, Night of the Living Upside Down Cake. Ha! Made by the same guys that did Return of the Fruitcake. Don’t mind me- I had a really grueling day…

    Mokker, Funny about your mom, afraid to cook for you. Glad you got to be with your family. And no dishes to wash! What could be better???

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