How You Doin’?

Had a post to write last night but because we live in the Dark Ages here in my state of our first Spring thunderstorm, the Internet was down and I couldn’t get on.  PD said it was down, anyway, so I didn’t attempt.  It was pretty nasty, but I’m proud of myself, I didn’t end up in the basement.  Anyone who knows me knows that lightning scares the beejeezus outta me. 

I did get through the day without any April Fool’s jokes.  Rather disappointing in that respect…

I’m going to go and attempt to get through Monday now. See ya later.  Have a rilly good day.

4 responses to “How You Doin’?

  1. Did you know that lightning storms attract spiders? And really large, poisonous centipedes? And they always seem to be drawn to basements! So it’s a good thing you didn’t hide down there. They would have GOTTEN you. In fact, be careful going down there for the next week or so; it’ll take a while for them all to scatter again. (At least until the next lightning storm!)

  2. congrats on staying out of the basement!! i know that’s a big achievment for u! and about the spider thing…i think they’ve all taken up permanent residence in my creepy basement!!! so have no fear!

  3. I like the lightning, I can feel the energy in the air and smell the o-zone. so cool.

  4. Simon, I obviously didn’t convey the extent to which lightning terrifies me. It goes way beyond spiders and centipedes and snakes and heights and wrinkles and gray hair even. Sorry, buddy. Nice try. 🙂

    Nat, thanks 🙂

    TC, I soooo wish I could say that.

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