I hear that April is, among other things, National Fly a Kite Month.  If the wind we had here today is any indication of what we’re in for the remainder of the month, the prognosis for kite flying looks quite promising.  Hmmm.  Prognosis?  That’s probly not the word I was looking for.  Probability?  Propensity?  Gah!  Whatever…

Anyhow.  The banquet Saturday night was fabulous.  Sorry you couldn’t be there.  The food was terrific, the band was great and the table which I chose at which to seat my ass was, IMO, The Fun Table.  There were “food stations” in the four corners of the room.  There were:   ~The Carving Table- where all the meat stuff was; ~ The Pasta Table- where you could choose between different types of pasta, sauces and other acoutreme (there is some French word here I’m looking for but I’ll be damned if I can remember it.  It means “other crap”).  I had penne with artichoke, black olives, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and red peppers which they sauteed while you watched and then doused the whole mess in your choice of sauce. Mine, alfredo.  Was deliciouso.  There was also a  ~Seafood Table where I chose some shrimp kabobs and a salad with Raspberry Pecan Vinegarette dressing.  I forget what the other  ~Table was.  When I made my way to the Coffee and Dessert Bar, I not only chose Tiramisu but Canolli (or is it canelloni? I can never remember) and a nice espresso flavored with Godiva liqueur.  The rest of the space in my tummy I soggied up with Rum and Coke.  That’s it for the Cuisine part of my post.

The band was The Jentz Band which has played together since 1964 if I remember correctly.  None of them looked senile, maybe I’m wrong aboot the date.  In fact one guy had a shaved head and wore black leather pants and was not at all disgusting.  So maybe it was ’89. Whatever.  (Actually I just found out, the band formed in 1964 but none of the original members are still with the band…)  They played some of my favorite dance songs including You Dropped a Bomb on Me (The Gap Band) and Wild Thing (The Troggs or Tone Loc for you youngsters) and did a damn fine job of both.   Also, Sweet Child of Mine, Smoke on the Water, Play That Funky Music, White Boy and I can’t remember what else. They look kinda rowdy on their site, but Saturday night they were all dressed in black and looked very  pro-fessional. 

I was home by 11pm Saturday night and just happened to turn on SNL and (if you remember, several weeks ago I was devastated that I’d missed Arcade Fire performing) was thrilled to see they re-ran the show I’d missed.  The band was excellent.  Did anyone see it?  They did two songs from their new release, Neon Bible which I think I talked aboot the other day.  Win got hisself a haircut.  And I think Regine was playing a hurdy gurdy.  Those guys kick ass!!!

I just spent aboot an hour raking our driveway gravel out of the neighbor’s yard which PD inadvertantly sno-blew over there with the snow blower.  Yeah, I’m thrilled aboot that.  (What did you think?)  His idea was to get the riding mower out, lower the deck to the lowest setting and blow all the gravel all over my car.  Okay, those aren’t the exact words he used…

Speaking of my wonderful husband, he will be celebrating his 46th Birthday on Saturday.  I guess maybe I should say observing his birthday, he’s really not one for celebrating.  I plan to take him somewhere of his choosing for dinner and to shower him with gifts.  And then I’m going to ask him to please tell me how it feels to still be forty-something.  ‘Cause I forget.

If JuJu doesn’t soon post aboot The Move, I will fill y’all in.  But she should be the one to share.  I’ll give her a few more days.

13 responses to “GO FLY A KITE

  1. Glad to hear your evening out went well. Looking forward to JuJu’s next post. Your probably right. You should let her tell the story, but if she doesn’t post soon, I say just do it yourself!LOL. Or at least give her a little push. Let her know there are many of us waiting to hear from her.

  2. I need to get my kites out…I always have fun flying them…and the wind has been delicious here the last few days.

  3. We’ve seen some kites flying around here, and Ben’s asked for one. Might be some pic goodness on that soon.

    You had a great spread that night!! And I’m sure the food was good, too. 😉

    I love You Dropped the Bomb on Me. Also, No Parking on the Dance Floor, Freakazoids, I Can Make You Dance (If you want me to). I have those and more on an ’80’s Soul CD that I made (oh, and the original Atomic Dog, too).

    My soul would not survive life without music. Thanks for reminding me of that at least a couple times a week.

  4. Lori, I will pass that on fer shure.

    Mishka, I haven’t done that since my kids were small, but it sounds like a fun time. I’m reading The Kite Runner right now, as a matter of fact. Grrrreat read if you’re so inclined.

    Mark, I would love to be there to see you and
    Ben enjoy that. Pics would definitely be good.
    *Shaking head* You, my boy, are wicked. And deliciously so 😉
    Cool music you mentioned. I could do a whole post on favorite dance music. Maybe I will one day soon. Do you like to dance? Say yes. No, wait. Don’t. Then I would want to marry you and that’s not cool.
    Without music, my soul would wither and die. I’m sure of it.

  5. I haven’t flown a kite since I was a little kid. Don’t know why but I never think to do it. Perhaps it would be good for my soul.

    Missed Arcade Fire again. drat. Ah well…sure it will be on YouTube soon if not already.

  6. too windy for kites here… bummer…Neon Bible I’ll check them out.

  7. Who is this “JuJu” person you’re speaking of?

  8. Sounds like you had a good time! Glad about that.

    As far as the kite thing is concerned. I just noticed the other day my first sign of spring. A kite stuck in a tree, which always reminds me of Charlie Brown!

  9. I think the French word you’re looking for is lagniappe.

  10. Mokker, Funny, when someone says “Go fly a kite,” it has a derogatory connotation, but as you say, it might be good for the soul… so go fly one.

    TC, wind blows. I don’t like a lot of wind. Yes, please listen to NB, I promise you’ll be impressed.

    JuJu, Hello and welcome here. How did you find me?

    Feanor, Holy crap, HI! Are you serious about le word?

  11. Kite flying? Heck, we just got a fresh dump of snow over the last couple days. We’re trying not to stab ourselves in the eyes with butter knives out of sheer frustration.

    Hello? Spring? Are you THERE?!?!?!

  12. Finally, Simon has given me reason to quote a Prince song. “Sometimes it Snows in April.”

    Um, not near Dallas, of course, but apparently in your neck of the woods.

  13. Simon, hold tight Dude and don’t put your eye out.

    Mark, What, finally? You overlooked “International Lover”, “An Honest Man,” “Sexy Mutha ——,” “Feel U Up,” “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” among others… lol

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