Quick post to report the goings-on here at JuJuRama.

My daughter is amazing. When we arrived here Wednesday before noon, I could hardly believe how much packing she’d had done. Then after a day and a half of helping her as much as I could and trying to keep three busy children clean, fed and happy, I’m utterly amazed that she’s been able to do anything besides.

A couple of times today we reached those inevitable points when you just stop and look around and there seems there is nothing else to do but stand around and look and realize there is nothing else you can do. Yeah, you know those times.

I’m having a ball with these kids. I’ve said it before, I know. I have the cutest and coolest grandkids in the world. I know I can get away with saying that here cause as far as I know, none of my readers have grandkids.

I wasn’t sure how long the computer would be hooked up here but it’s getting disconnected in the am and then I won’t be back online till I get home, most likely Monday.

The moving van is due to arrive at 9am tomorrow. We will hang around here until all the utilities get their final readings and then we’re off to the new house. I’m sure at some point next year when Ju gets settled, she’ll post some pics on her blog of the new house.

Going to bed now, big, busy day tomorrow. Y’all take care.

4 responses to “FUN AND CHAOS IN OHIO

  1. So glad you are having a good time. We’ll leave a light on for ya! šŸ˜‰

  2. I hope things keep going well. JuJuBee’s constitution sometimes astounds me.

    To mangle Jeff’s quote and bring to mind a very dirty joke from childhood, I’ll say, “We’ll keep an eye out for ya.”

  3. Thanks guys! šŸ™‚

  4. TC, is always asked to help people move. It might be my truck.

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