Chances are, somewhere on the PA Turnpike tomorrow there will be some sort of construction. Hence the title. And if there isn’t, (construction) you can bet there probly should be as PA roads are the absolute pits.

Actually, that is the thing furthest from my mind. I’m about to go over my list once more and make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

PD and I are leaving bright and early in the am to travel to JuJu’s house in Ohio to play with the grandkids. help her with the rest of the packing. The moving van will be there Friday and we’ll drive to NY then, sleep over and greet the truck as it arrives at their new home on Saturday. It’s been a nightmare tremendous undertaking for her, packing all their earthly belongings around the shenanigans of three children while Mr. JuJu is in NY busting ass working at his new job and getting things ready at the new house in the evenings. I only wish I’d been able to help her more up to this point. But at least we’ll be there for the next 6 days to give her somewhat of a break here and there. I’m taking two of the kids with me (eldest and youngest) on the trip to NY so the drive up there should be a little less stressful for JuJu. I’m really excited to see the JuJu Clan get settled in their own home.

I just realized that maybe not all of you know what I’m talking aboot. My daughter JuJu (no, of course that is not her real name…) and her family are moving to NY where her husband has started a new job. He is orignally from the area to which they are moving. Although they are moving further from PD and I, I am quite happy that they will be living near Mr. JuJu’s parents and will have family close by.

So. I need to finish packing. I’m not sure if I will or how often I might have access here but I’ve post-dated a few bits of entertainment from YouTube for the days I’ll be gone in case I don’t get a chance to post.

Don’t you forget to miss me when I’m gone.

9 responses to “EVE OF CONSTRUCTION

  1. you are a good mom, and juju is a lucky woman that you are going to help out.

    and i’m certain that me and your other stalkers will miss you terribly 🙂 be safe.

  2. Have a great time and be safe!

  3. Of course we will miss you, dahling. A great mom, indeed. And gradmom, too, I bet. What do they call you? Have you mentioned it? I can’t recall.

  4. I’m watching Lucinda Williams perform “Are You Alright” on David Letterman’s show right now (on time delay using my DVR).

    Her look is… interesting. Frosted dark blonde hair, long, teased out a bit. Heavy silvery eyeliner.

  5. DP’let, Thanks, I’ll miss U2 😉

    Amigo, Thanks 🙂

    Mark, Thanks, darlin’. I B Nana. Short for that monkey thing you’re always bringin’ up… Hope you enjoyed the performance. I slept thru it…

  6. ‘Course, I’ve been following along with the JuJu clan over there at her place. Heckuva thing to have to do just after receiving Kid Number Three. Especially with her Mister outta town, leaving the packing and the stressin’ to the mom.

    I’m very thankful that you and PD are heading over to help with the biggest, stressiest part of it. Take care of your progeny and we’ll see you when you get back!

  7. Good luck. I miss you already.

  8. You ain’t kidding about PA roads, they absolutely suck !!! And nowhere any worse than Pittsburgh…

    Have a safe trip.

  9. M+, I hear you loud and clear. Nice that they’re tearing up 28 now…

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