My quickie horoscope (yes, there is such a thing) said:  There is a lack of accuracy in your self-image — consult others to get it back.

Now, that says to me that me and the way I see me are not the same things.  Hmmmn.  This could work in my favor depending… I wonder if the negative things are actually positive.  In that case it would be great, unless the opposite is true and then I’m screwed.  Maybe I’m delusional.  Or in denial.  Or maybe I need my contacts changed.  I’ll tell you what I see and if something totally wrong jumps out at you, give me a holler. 

Basically, lately anyway, I’m seeing myself as: grossly disorganized, lacking in energy, motivation, sparkle, creativity, grace, basic motor skills and ambition.  These are the negative aspects.  As for the positive aspects, hmmmn.  Let me think…   …   …   …   …   Oh, add one more to the negative list; inability to think.

So if these are inaccurate, I must really be highly organized, energetic, motivated, sparkly, creative, graceful, adept and ambitious.  OMG.  I thought I was depressed.  I’m actually quite functional and possibly even able to jump tall buildings in a single bound.  Whew.  That was close.  It’s quite fortunate that the Moon shifted into Pisces last night or this could have been bad.

5 responses to “MIRROR, MIRROR …

  1. Astrology’s all smoke and mirrors.

    You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.

  2. Mark, don’t rain on my parade, dude 😉 Ha! A quote from Stuart, one of my all-time heroes. Doggone it, that always makes me laugh. Hope you’re all recuperated.

  3. How tall are those buildings?

  4. stuart smalley is my hero.

    i love how you took what you needed and left the rest. that’s always a good way to handle those things.

  5. Piglet: I have a few heroes. Albert Einstein is probly Numero Uno. Pee Wee Herman used to be on my list, until, you know… the incident.
    Yeah, take what I need and leave the rest. My formula for survival. What works for you? I’m also a big fan of Avoidance. Kind of like Denial but not so finite. Doesn’t require quite the level of commitment and so takes less energy.

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