I’ve been hearing this song for awhile. It’s so expressive and from-the-heart. I thought I would share it with you. I think it perfectly expresses how you feel when someone exits your life. It’s Lucinda Williams singing “Are You Alright.”

I need to talk to someone about my sidebar widgets.  I can’t find a way to delete them once I get them up.  Not a good thing for someone who changes their mind as often as their underwear.  From what I read, I should be able to drag and drop and when I do, they drag themselves back where they originally were and then I’m forced to drop a few choice cuss words.

Not looking like it’s going to be a weekend for anything but staying in and keeping warm.  That’s ok for me.  I’m in the mood for a weekend to put the car in the garage, lose the keys and enjoy the snow from the window.  I’ll light candles and get the house all smelling like pumpkin pie, and have a drink or five and not have to worry about driving in a slightly inebriated state.  Crank up the Dolby and maybe do some reading.  One thing for sure that I must do is start packing.  PD and I are leaving to Ju’s house on Wednesday morning to help them move to NY this weekend.  I’m anxious to see the kids and watch Ju boss the movers around who are costing an arm and two legs and a nice sized torso.  I’m really happy for her and Mr. Ju.  They are officially first-time homeowners now.  I remember what a great feeling that is.  I also remember how thin that wears when the house needs a new roof.

Enough.  Have a good weekend.

8 responses to “ARE YOU ALRIGHT?

  1. sounds like a lovely cozy weekend~ it’s in the high 80’s here in Vegas all weekend, the kids & I are pool side~

    xo ~Bella

  2. Hmmm…poolside…a distant memory! Anyway have a wonderful weekend. And just think, since you’re leaving Wednesday you can skip Monday this week and go straight to Thursday! Make sure you have a cocktail or two while watching Ju be the boss–that could make things much more humerous(unless you will be in charge of the small Ju’s-then cocktails might not be a great idea). Have fun!

  3. Oh, there will be cocktails.

  4. I hate moving! Not the actual going to live somewhere else, just the packing and organizing, because I am one of the world’s most disorganized people.


  5. Nice song. I’ve always heard from respected sources that Lucinda Williams is good, but I’ve never really taken the time to listen.

    Is this what’s called alt country? I’ve heard that term bandied about a lot in the last five years, and the few songs in that genre that I’ve heard have been good.

  6. Izabella, I know you weren’t trying to make me cry… so I won’t but I’ll surely pine… as I pack my suitcase. You were inviting me out, right? My sis and bro-in law are there now, I should have hopped a ride with them!

    Natalie, yay for cocktails. ‘Nuff said.

    Ju, ditto.

    Alvis, I hear you man. When I have time, I can be ultra-organized. Those days are long-gone I’m afraid.

    Mark, glad you liked Lucy. She’s been described as alt-country, yes- but I think it’s just a handy handle for some folksy, meaningful-lyric types. If she was too countryish, I wouldn’t like her so much. Here’s a link to her site. I’m not a real real serious fan so I don’t know that much about her. She’s on Letterman Tue. night if you want to see her live.

  7. that sounds like such a peaceful weekend… i’ll trade you mine 🙂 altho they are over, maybe we can convince superman to turn us a special trick 😉

  8. Piglet. LOL on the Superman deal. I know where I can get some cryptonite. Oh, wait. No, it’s a styptic pencil. Why do I always get that wrong?

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