Was it too much to ask that the sun could have come out today?  I only had one teeny wish and that was for sunshine.  There’s not even a Moon, as far as I can see.

It’s been a loooooong day.  I’m off to enjoy a Vanilla Caramel Swirl bubblebath with candles and a bottomless glass of wine.  Put some Paul in the cd player and everything else can just faaaaaaade away.

14 responses to “AIN’T NO SUNSHINE

  1. “I’ve got a dyslexic heart…
    naa na na na, na na-naa na-na!”

    Enjoy making your own sunshine, baby!

  2. Mark, you know it. Thanks for that 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Paul McCartney?

  4. Happy Birthday, Wink!!

    “The sunrise always listens
    Somtimes she even finishes
    My sentences”

    The sun’ll be back in a day or two.

  5. Hey Linda, Happy b-lated B-day!!! Donovan says thanks for the B-day card from you and its contents.

  6. I’ve been signing “Ain’t no Sunshine when she’s gone” in my head all morning. THANKS…


  8. That song’s been in my head, too, ever since reading this post. At least it’s a good one. I tried to drown it out by humming the “na na naaa” part of “Dyslexic Heart” (Paul Westerberg, BTW, Alvis), but to no avail.

  9. Happy 29th Birthday!

  10. Alvis, Thanks Buddy. No, not Paul M. Was never a big Beatles fan after I Wanna Hold Your Hand. As Mark comments below, Paul Westerberg is my favorite musician in the entire universe.

    Moksha, Thanks for the wishes and the lyrics 🙂

    Lu, Thanks and he’s very very welcome.

    Ju, I hate when that happens. I would apologize but I think you did that all by yourself.

    Becky, HI! Thank you very very much 🙂

    Mark, don’t know what to tell you…

    Jeff, thanks but you are really pushing it. Big time. Ok, I owe you 😉

  11. Hope you had an awesome B-Day!

  12. Jeff, actually, when I consider all my birthdays (and there have been quite a lot of ’em) it ranked very close to the bottom. But last year was such a good one, it would have been a hard act to follow. I guess I’m now one of those old people who don’t make a big deal out of “just another day”… But thanks 🙂

  13. I sent you a sun, I know it is not the same>

  14. Thanks TC, it means more than you can imagine 🙂

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