I’ve deleted this post due to technical problems and hamster infestation.  But I’m leaving this here to keep the comments below which belong to the post above.  This is serious blogging.

13 responses to “20/19*

  1. Hunh, I have the same scarf..only gray.

    Anyway, glad you had what seems to be an eye opening visit. It sounds like that is just what you needed(for the past few months).

    Look out, here comes another freakin’ Monday!

  2. Natalie, I have a black one too… We should get together and wear them and look cool.
    I had 3 or 4 more interesting paragraphs to this post but they distappeared when I put that freakin’ picture in. Grrrr. And it won’t save edits now. If I ever tried to convince you to start blogging, pretend I wasn’t. Or didn’t. Whatever. Blogging is hard, hard work.
    You made me laugh… “Look out, here comes another freakin’ Monday!”

  3. C’mon we don’t need scarfeses to look cool! There have been several that have tried to entice me into blogging—I flat out do not have the time! Not to mention I’m kind of technologically challenged!

  4. did you figure out the photo posting thing?

    in your “write post” box, there is a button that has a picture of a tree. when you click that, it brings up a box for you to paste your photo’s url in. or, you can upload it using the wordpress tool. it’s underneath the posting box.

  5. Hey, you look all smiley and stuff!

  6. I don’t see the picture. 😦

  7. Nat, unless you need the therapuetic aspect of it, you’re better off 😉

    Hi DP, welcome here. Yeah, been there done that. I was screwing around with some settings AFTER a successful upload. Dumb me. I will practice. Come back now and then to encourage me and see how I’m doing. Thanks for the help. 🙂

    Jeff, that is for you 😉

    Alvis, sorry Buddy. Will try harder next time. BTW, you have no pix of you (that I can find) on your site. Not grown up, anyway… (hint)

  8. That’s good news — about your health and your state of mind. It’s great, too, that you have a friend who can help you look at the bright side. Because, really, what’s the use in the other side?

    I can relate to the music collection problem. Now there are so many ways to get great music that it can be overwhelming. Sometimes I enjoy listening to older music because I’m so much more familiar with it. Now I get so much new music so quickly, I don’t listen to any one thing enough to get to know it well. Or, maybe I’m just listening to the wrong music, and if it were better it would command my attention.

    Whatever the case, I said all that to assure you that it’s not a symptom of your age, but just the times.

  9. Your pic is also missing for me. All I get is one o’ them X boxes where it ought to be. (If you hang around Mark’s place long enough you’ll see a photo of Alvis. I hear those two like to geek out together!)

    It’s a rare, pleasant thing to be able to say that you have the sort of friend who’s been around with you for that long. She’s known you that long and still apparently likes you! You must be doing something right.

  10. I also see no photo, so shall just use my imagination…

    Sorry, distracted.

  11. Mark, sorry Buddy, I think you misread. I was using the music analogy to explain the condition of my brain. Don’t feel bad, it wasn’t a great analogy. Ah, maybe you’re just paying me back for that skim job awhile back. Thank you for the kind words otherwise 😉

    Simon, you already know what I look like. And it’s not getting any better so don’t sweat it.
    Yes, she is a dear and tolerant friend.

    Ben, smart ass.

  12. Yeah, sorry about that. 😉

    Unfortunately I believe the cure is most often fatal.

  13. Ben, that’s why we smart asses consider ourselves “living on the edge,” no?

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