Pay no attention to most of my sidebar.  It’s mostly junk.  While it seemed quite simple to grab little boxes and drag them into a bigger box, I did a lot of grabbing and dragging for absolutely nothing.  I thought that when you embed text in a box and click on the save button that something like saving the text would indeed occur.  As usual, I was wrong.  I made a page for 100 Things About Me.  That is something I’d always looked forward to doing and couldn’t because it wasn’t possible on Blogger.  Even though I only have written 50 or so of those 100, the page is floating around somewhere in another dimension so it doesn’t really matter that I’m 40 something short, now does it?  And I gave no indication whatsoever to tell anyone to add “who is this” to that box.  I already have a functional box for that.

I have a box that’s supposed to contain a music player to play some tunes I’ve selected to share with you.  Don’t even bother clicking it, there’s nothing there.  Oh yeah, there is… a seashell that you can hold up to your ear and listen to freaking silence no music.

The Meebo that I installed in a moment of  mental retardation serendipity is completely useless, not to mention a hideous eyesore on my otherwise prettynewblog.  I’ve done everything except chisel it off my dashboard and it won’t delete.  I just wasted over an hour screwing with this crap.   Oh my.   Deja Vu, imagine that.

I’m out.


  1. When you say “junk” you really mean the link to my blog, don’t you?

    Le sigh.

  2. Fab, stop your sighing, baby. Nothing could be further from the truth. How you doing? Miss you.

  3. yeah I was thinking you meant the blog links too. ~Sniff~

  4. TC, you know better. Blow your nose.

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