THURSDAY 3/8 10pm

I was going to try and fix my clock thing but decided it’s going to be all fuggered up anyway with Daylight Saving Time starting this weekend so there is one thing I can cross off my To Do list.  (Mark, restrain yourself.)

I’m wondering why only Jeff’s and my pictures show up in the comments.  Hmmm.

I’m so completely devastated to learn that I’m required to work 5 hours over time next week. Doesn’t sound like a lot, I know. But IHOT.  (I hate over time.) Not to be confused with IHOP…

I’m picking my mom up on my way home from work tomorrow for shawpin’.  And I need to get a new cellphone.  Looking forward to that aboot like a root canal.  Not picking my mom up, the other stuff.

Saturday I’m spending with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile.  We’d planned to get together over the Christmas holiday and it never happened. 

I suppose I could have just skipped this newsy, informative blah blah but last time I went a couple of days without posting, I happened to check my Sitemeter and it said Visits Today – 0 and I couldn’t handle it. 

Anybody know a song by Todd Snider called Vinyl Records? I tried to find it on YouTube to share with you and it wasn’t there.  It’s a cool song.  I’ll keep looking for it.  I’ll try to find something to post as retribution for Mr. Hamster Dance.  You guys still didn’t tell me the story with the electrical tape…

Happy Friday Y’all.

13 responses to “THURSDAY 3/8 10pm

  1. Clock, shmock. See, I can blow it off, too.

    Jeff’s picture shows up because he also is a member (ahem). I use WordPress, but not hosted by

    I have a Blogger account, though, and when I comment on Blogger blogs, my picture shows up there.

  2. Trust us when we say you really don’t want to know what I was referencing with the electrical tape comment.

  3. Mark, Ok. Thanks for the explanation. You snob. 😉

    Jeff A, If you say so. I’ll just have to take your word for it…

  4. If it makes it any more fun (funner), you could refer to work next week as IHOO. (International House of Overtime.) Which would force you to think about pancakes, and I find it’s impossible to be *entirely* grumpy or put out when contemplating the fine epicurean qualities of flap-jacks.

    I make a right fine Sunday morning stack, if I do say so. (And I do.) Blueberry chocolate chip pancakes, made from scratch — my grandmother’s recipe. Always a wonderful start to the last day of a weekend.

    Have fun shawpin’ with Mom and hangin’ out with yer friend.

  5. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry to much about the clock, Wink. I only noticed it that one time when you asked us to snoop around. Since then, I’ve blocked it out.

    Good luck with the cell phone search. It’s a pain to switch phones, I know…but at least you’ll have a fun new toy to play with afterwards. And that’s good…right?

    Ok everybody, Simon’s place for pancakes Sunday morning! I’ve been told that I don’t need to bring snow shoes, so now’s our chance.

  6. I’ll take your OT if you don’t want it. I’ll take the pancakes, too…
    Ya know, there isn’t an IHOP anywhere near me. I guess it kinda sucks to be me.

  7. All right. I’ll throw on some bacon too. Um, Moksha, you don’t have to have any. In fact, I’ll have yours. (Mmmmm, bacon!) Just take your shoes off outside the door. It’s melting like a virgin’s resolve after half a bottle of gin, and – also appropriately – that’s making it really, really dirty up here.

  8. Goldang, them pancakes Simon makes sound like Heaven on a plate. I’m there. Short notice air fare be darned.

    Mmmm… bacon. (Homer Simpson drool)

  9. So it was gin I should have been using back in high school. Dang!

  10. Simon, how very nice of you to host Sunday brunch this weekend. Could I trouble you to pick me up at the airport? I would ride with Mark but he’ll be stopping every 10 feet to take pictures.

  11. Mokker, broke down and got a camera phone, which hencetofore I thought was frivilous and unnecessary. Cost the same as the one I first picked without the feature. What an ordeal, the whole process of “upgrading”, as I think it’s referred to, took almost an hour and a half. I can use it as an mp3 player too, but wouldn’t want to desert my iPod, just cause we got history together…See you at the Fraser’s on Sunday. I bet you’re anxious to see Amy. All of her.

    M+, how’s this for a deal, I’ll sell you my overtime at the cost of time-and-a-half? Deal? Deal. Go to it, dude. I’ll be thinking of you while I’m sleeping that extra hour. Thanks 😉

    Mark, not gin. Tequila. Sans worm. 😉

  12. Electrical tape and a hamster. Let’s just say it involves bestiality and leave it at that. 🙂

  13. Alvis, yeah, I think I will leave it at that…

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