I’m having a rather pissy time with the clock thing here at wordpress.  All I get done doing is editing the timestamp and counting up or down from twelve, depending on whether or not it’s before or after noon. Me + Numbers = 😛    Also can’t get tunes on my sidebar.  Grrrrr.

This is my week for coincidences.  They just keep coming. I love that, makes life really interesting.  And takes your mind off the weather for a bit.  I haven’t got time to elaborate on the former and have no desire to elaborate on the latter.

I was so looking forward to watching the full lunar eclipse (yes, a normal blogger would insert a link here) the other evening.  Damn if it wasn’t too cloudy here.  I did talk to someone who saw it.  Sounded very cool.

I thought I had something interesting to say.  I was wrong.  Somebody slap me.

9 responses to “A SMALL AMOUNT OF ADO

  1. Coincidence: Guy I bought the entertainment center from today? Last name WINKler.

    I know, try and contain your enthusiasm.

  2. Sorry the cock clock is plaguing you.

    Lunar eclipse wasn’t visible for us — clear night skies, but the moon hadn’t even risen here yet by the time it happened. Well, I think maybe we could have seen it coming out of the Earth’s shadow if we’d bothered, but nah. They happen often enough that maybe we’ll see another soon.

  3. There was a lunar eclipse?
    crap, no one tells me anything!

  4. I missed the lunar eclipse also. My reminder person forgot to contact me.

    Have a nice day.

  5. ****THWACK!!****

    (you’re welcome)

  6. But you DID say something interesting. Just by noting you were interested in the lunar eclipse – which I just missed by an hour – you revealed a lot about your personality. First, you obviously have at least a passing interest in astronomy and natural phenomena. You probably also enjoy National Geographic videos and the Discovery Channel. And, from your interest in the moon specifically, one could infer – from the standpoint of an evolutionary psychologist – a connection to your lunar-obsessed genetic antecedents. Perhaps somewhere in your distant past you had druidic ancestors fascinated with the moon and its cycles, or proto-hominid forbears overawed by lunar phenomena.

    Or I cold just be a loony or lunatic – note the “lunar” etymology – not to be taken seriously.


  7. We missed the eclipse too. Clear night spent in a Bed and Breakfast with a stellar view…but I think we got to the show to late cuz all we saw was a beautiful full moon.

    Coincidence – Jet and I are at a comedy club and one of the special guest performers is some guy who is an ex-marine who had spent some time in Iraq and who is a contestant on this season of MTV Road Rules. After his set, Jet goes over to him to chat with him and says, “Hey, you were in the Marines, huh? Do you know Pat [REDACTED]?” I cringe. It’s like saying, “Oh, from Canada, eh? Do you know the Cuthbertsons?” But I’ll be damned if my comedian didn’t say, “Yeah, he was my Squad Leader.” Wha?! I suppose there are a lot of coincidences out there, I just never think to ask.

  8. Ju, cool. Thanks for sharing. I am enthused. It doesn’t come across well without html, does it?

    Mark, is your wife gone again??? You certainly are developing quite the potty mouth lately. :-Þ

    Sorry Jeff, I totally had planned to post about it before hand but I’m old and senile.

    Cassie, was that person JeffA by any chance? 😉

    Simon, Oooooh Baby. Thanks. Do it again, lower this time.

    Brian, thank goodness. An educated voice of reason amid all the shenanigans… Thank you very much for noticing that I am a refined, intellectual woman with interests other than spanking, hamsters and the like. I should very much like to discuss this interesting topic with you, possibly over tea or a nice chablis. Should I dress or will you be wearing the combat boots? 😉 Of course you’re loony, else you wouldn’t be here, now would you?

    MG, guess you just “forgot” or got busy with something else maybe???
    Don’t you just love coincidences? That was a cool one. If you can teach yourself to be open to them, they happen all the time and make life all the more interesting.

  9. First time I read through your last response, I missed a comma and thought you had referred to your love of spanking hamsters. While I now see that’s not what you said…I’m amused by the image.

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