First, let me apologize for posting that ridiculous hamster video.  Not just once but twice.  Sheesh.  I deleted the second one, sorry to Jeff and Fab for taking the time to comment…

Something very nice happened to me today and I would like it to happen for you too.  All you need to do is this little favor for me.  But it’s not really for me, it’s for you and someone you care aboot.

 I’m willing to bet there is someone, somewhere, who (for whatever reason) you have not been in touch with for too long.  Is anyone coming to mind?  You need to take care of that right now.  Pick up the phone or send an email.  Just do it.  You’ll be glad.  And when you get time, come back here and share your experience. 

6 responses to “I NEED A FAVOR

  1. Uhhh..there was this cool chick I hung out with at work…we used to have a lot of fun…then I quit my job and lost touch with her…one day a few months ago I ran into her at the mall…now I read her blog everyday!

  2. Nat, You know it Baby, right back atcha 🙂 I still miss that daily laugh-till-you-cry and I’m so glad we hooked back up. How’s school going? xo

  3. First, thanks for getting rid of that second hamster video. That was just mean, having it up there twice. I’ll have to think more on the favour. I’ll let you know.

  4. Hmm…gotta think on this one.

  5. I talked to a guy yesterday who used to be my boss, I know I called him for work but still was cool to talk to him

  6. Si, you’re welcome. If I explained how that happened, I’d lose you half-way through and you’d think I was a ditz. So I won’t. Don’t spend too much time thinking.

    Alvis, just do it ! (I thoroughly enjoyed your post today.)

    TC, that didn’t count. Do it for real. 😉

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