Hamster Dance: The Remix

I hate when someone takes a perfectly good song (especially one of my favorites) and tarnishes it like this…

8 responses to “THE FANNY PACK DID IT FOR ME

  1. That’s wrong on way too many levels to list here. Yet, my young son (3.5) is saying he wants to see it again. Just for that, you are now my sworn enemy.

  2. Mark, why ANYone would invite a child here, knowing me as you do, is totally beyond me… Now. What can I come up with to serve as a peace offering???

  3. Fanny packs totally rock. And so do hamsters. But that video sucked. LARGE!

  4. OMG

    Well, at least he didn’t do what I was afraid he would!

    I kept waiting for that roll of electrical tape to come out!

  5. Si, I didn’t think that one through… I keep seeing little Ben with Mark begging to see it again…

    Jeff, I’m afraid to ask what the electrical tape might be for.

  6. I’m afraid I know the joke that goes with the electrical tape. I am a sad, sad, man.

  7. Somebody, PLEASE tell me the electrical tape story.

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