AND THEN (of course) I WAKE UP

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I’ve been remembering snippets of dreams that I’m having between snooze alarms that all have one thing in common.  All the dreams have taken place in the house of my childhood.  The frustrating thing is that I can’t remember the scenarios, just the fact that I’m in the house I lived in until I was 12 years old.  I have a really good memory for the most part (of my childhood, that is, not so much what happened this morning or last week or a year ago.)  I remember the house quite well.  But I need to find out what these dreams are and why I keep dreaming of that house.  I fervently believe that our dreams are our subconscience trying to speak to us.  Mine seems to be hellbent on saying something.

I don’t normally have such a hard time recalling my dreams.  Problem is that, after hitting the snooze button as many times as I have lately, when I do finally get out of bed, I’m rushed and don’t have time to think.  And then different times during the course of my day, parts of the dream will flash through my mind but not enough that I can piece things together.  I’m hoping that Saturday morning will provide me with the opportunity to lay in bed long enough to allow me to do that.  Here’s hoping that the dreams continue long enough for that to happen. 

Oh, the other weirdness to all this.  All these dreams as well as others I have had lately all have yellow backgrounds.  Strange.

15 responses to “AND THEN (of course) I WAKE UP

  1. Dreams have always amazed me. The minds of otherwise sane people run off and do their own things while their bodies lie still. Just fascinating, really.

    I once kept a notebook and a pen beside my bed to write down details of dreams immediately upon waking, even if it was the middle of the night.

    My notes made very little sense.

    I hope you figure out what’s going on with your recent dreams. If nothing else, at least you’re getting to visit the home of your childhood (I’m hoping that’s a good thing).

  2. Hmmm, yellow backgrounds and childhood homes. You know what that sounds like? I better type fast the battery light is flashing on my keyboard.

    That dream is trying to tell you to zkduf kasf ka kajsf jkdsfk lKdfj llkfh ;dlhl;g ;zslgfuseu

  3. Mark, I had an amazingly normal, wonderful childhood, so yes, that was good.
    Long ago before my life got hectic, I was able to practice “programming” my dreams, if you will. I will post about that one day. It’s way cool.

    Jeff, I knew that already, dude. The part I can’t figure out is the dkjlasj and why it ahponkjahs. Thanks for your input. 🙂

  4. Mrs. TC is a Psych major, which I tel her is a major in voodoo magic. When she brings her text books home I read them, a fact she finds funny because she doesn’t even read the things. I’m getting to my point. One of these books was The Interpretation Of Dreams By Sigmund Freud. While I don’t agree with Freud I do know that many believe dreams have meaning, (Ready for TC?) I however think sometimes a dream is just a dream. I guess what I am saying is we find it so important to put things into containers or boxes so that we can shelve them categorically. That maybe we overlook the obvious, that being, that perhaps there is no reason that everything happens. It happens because it has to. Confused yet? I am.

  5. I would tend to agree the dreams have some sort of meaning. However, I personally wouldn’t go so far as to say they are the subconscious trying to tell us something. That feels too deliberate to me. At any given time in our lives we’re working on all sorts of problems, thinking about things, etc. Dreams to me are just the mind unencumbered by a steady stream of input. Some of it, like TC said, is just random neurons firing. Some of it is stuff you’re brain has been working on.

    I remember when I loved in Colorado and was trying to learn to snowboard. First day, I sucked. My ass hurt from falling so many times. I was truly so far away from success that I was really thinking about giving up. That night I dreamed of snowboarding and the next day I was much better. My brain was obviously working out the physics that had been coming at me too quickly for me to process while I was in the moment. I always tell Norah to “dream of crawling” when I put her to bed.

    Anyway, while I wouldn’t say there is some big secret message to your dreams, cleary something about your current state of mind has you thinking about your childhood home.

  6. All of this is a reminder for me that I need to get more sleep. REM sleep and dreams all serve to help the body and mind recuperate, and depriving ourselves of it can’t be good.

    A co-worker told me of a study regarding a drug that helps a person get all the benefits of a full night’s sleep in about two hours. Said he’d try it in a heartbeat (he’s an aspiring novelist with a 40-hour day job).

    Anybody else heard of this?

  7. Maybe it means you have to pee.

  8. A yellow background? Your subconscious is saying, “Wake up and pee, damnit!”

  9. I don’t usually remeber my dreams, so I feel kinda useless in this discussion.
    Oh, well…

  10. TC, I agree that sometimes dreams are just dreams. I can usually tell when I notice parallels that are going on in real life if a dream needs to be paid attention to. I am on a constant life-long search to understand and improve myself and dreams have been invaluable in that sense. Otherwise, I think they are great entertainment. I understand what you’re saying. Over-analyzing is a bad habit of mine. Everyone here probly knows that already… The mind, awake or dreaming is just so damn amazing to me and to think that we only use 10% (last I heard) of our brain capacity is just incredible to me.

    Mokker, as someone who has studied my own dreams for most of my adult life, I have to disagree with you on the point concerning the subconscious. I have had three recurring dreams about people who have taken advantage of my trusting nature in big ways in my life. I’ve been told, and also recognize that I am too trusting. Often times when I am in a situation that I should be wary of and I’m not, I almost always have one or more of those dreams and it reminds me to think of consequences. In my waking life, sometimes I get too anxious or optimistic for my own good and overlook red flags. Being reminded by these dreams has saved my butt a few times.

    The snowboarding dream is a great example of the positive results of visualization in a dreaming state. Years ago when I had more control over my dreams, I could do that at will. It was kind of like having a dress rehearsal for unfamiliar situations. I was going through some post-divorce fallout and started having anxiety attacks when I was faced with a new or unfamiliar situation. The dreams and visualization techniques helped immensely.

    Mark, it bothers me that such a large percentage of our society is existing on what sometimes amounts to sleep deprivation. That drug, which I have not heard about sounds like a godsend. What I wouldn’t give for a few more hours of awake time! Curious as to how it, or even if it does, puts the body into the most beneficial stage of sleep.

    Ju and Brian, you could both very well be right!

    M+, Hi. Well, it was still nice of you to write!

  11. We agree on 99% of what we’re saying, but since it’s more fun to discuss the 1% in which we disagree…

    I see what your saying about the warning dreams, but I think that still works in my explaination as well. I’d say that you had noticed the problem, but hadn’t quite put the pieces together enough to be as concerned as you should have been.So you were working out the inputs while you slept. It’s a small symantic difference, but I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea that the subconscious is something completely different than self, something that sends messages to the self.

    In a crazy coincidence, Cheesburger Brown’s chapter today deals with this idea exactly. Cooky, eh?

  12. I rarely ever remember any sorts of dreams upon waking, beyond flashes of images. And, speaking of peeing, even those images have vanished after I’ve gone about my morning ablutions.

    The mind unencumbered by input is one good interpretation. I’d also say that dreams are (in part) the result of a mind unencumbered by the conscious and subconscious strictures we place on it while awake. A fully unfettered mind is free to dream.

  13. this is an interesting dream…I believe there is place within the internet you can find out about your dreams & what they mean…I will try & find it again & send you the link~ Bella

  14. here it is! you can type in anyword & it will give you the meaning~

  15. Mokker, I hadn’t thought about the self/subconscious take on this… food for thought.

    Si, my mind is not, nor has it ever been, either unemcumbered or unfettered… and I do my best dreaming during daylight hours.

    Iz, thanks very much, I will check that but I must tell you, I’m kind of anti- about across-the-board dream interps as I believe everything symbolizes different things for different folks.

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