Since I missed them (I did!) on SNL, this is for me as much as it is for you. I hope you like.

8 responses to “ARCADE FIRE

  1. Anybody able to marry an accordian with violins and a couple of guys in motorcycle helmets spastically wailing away on anything remotely percussive, all resulting in a reasonable facsimile of music, have to be lauded for their efforts!

    Overall a little weird, but enjoyable.

  2. It’s like Talking Heads….with a goth chic…and more drugs. But I like it.
    I missed SNL too, Linda. I wanted to watch so bad becasue Dwight from the Office was hosting and I knew you were all hyped about Arcade Fire. Sadly…I fell asleep in front of the tv around 10:15.
    Man, I’m getting old.

  3. I managed to see the SNL (the Wolf Blitzer opening and spoof on the Anna Nicole Smith coverage was a scream and reflects the way I feel about this waste-of-time story) and enjoyed Arcade Fire’s performance. As soon as I saw this clip from Conan I thought “Talking Heads” and now see that Comment #2 echoes that. Definitely reminiscent of early Talking Heads, albeit slightly edgier and more dissonant. Does anyone know the name of this track (and the two they did on SNL)? I’ve downloaded a couple of their numbers for my ipod.

  4. I enjoyed the music quite a bit. I like combining instruments that traditionally don’t go together. The vocals I couldn’t understand very well, but I’m listening with earbuds that tend to muddy the sound. Did David Byrne ever play guitar on stage?

    Sadly, with some groups I prefer the studio version, and while that would rob me of the visual artistry involved, I might enjoy the music more.

  5. Iz, um, the live stuff from Montreal, not so good (imo).
    Do listen to their Funeral cd though, it’s great. Regine (the girl singer) has an amazing face, don’t you think? I can picture her as subject of yours.

    Alvis, good word dude. Frenetic. I always liked that word. It’s also a nice way to say “f***ing nuts!” Yeah, the band is quirky. I’m going to post some of their lyrics and song meanings, probly on the weekend. You might enjoy that more… Thanks for coming back over.

    Brian, this song is called Neighborhood #2 (Laika). There are 3 Neighborhood songs. Does the name Laika mean anything to you? Arcade Fire has some amazing lyrics. Sometimes you have to think aboot them just a bit.

  6. Si, I apologize, I posted this in a mad rush this am before work. There were better performances, one on Letterman to be specific. I messed it up and had to settle for this. But I’m glad you liked it.

    MG, I would have thought you’d be familiar with them. We should have called each other Sat. night!

    Bri, I actually forget which song I posted now, will get back to you and maybe with some other songs I think you’d like. They don’t actually have a lot out there but a new cd is coming out soon. I’ll keep you posted.

    Mark, Very glad you liked this. I must be honest, Arcade Fire is not a band that I would recommend live. Their studio stuff kicks serious ass. I dunno about David Byrne. I have some of his music but when Heads were at their peak, I wasn’t really into them.

  7. oh my gosh!! I love them!! thanx for sharing ~ I am going to search for more on youtube 🙂 xo!! ~Bella

  8. Hm….ah, very frenetic.

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