The JuJu Clan is planning a visit for the weekend.  I am soooo in the mood for kissing and hugging and playing.  That’s all I can think aboot.

Andrew and I are going to dance.  Madeline and I may dance, but we’re also going to do little girlie things like put jewelry on and giggle. Maybe a bubble bath too.  Julian and PD and I are going to watch Open Season and sing Paul Westerberg songs.  JuJu and I are going to do all that Mother/Daughter fun stuff.  I’m cooking for Mr. JuJu’s birthday (sssshhh)  and we’ll discuss some music and books probly and I’m going to have a great weekend.  Don’t let it snow.

7 responses to “TWO MORE DAYS

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! JuJuBee will get to sleep…two nights in a row.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful visit! It sounds like you’ll have a deliriously(is that a word?)happy weekend! And though I’ve never met Mr. JuJu tell him happy b-day! Oh and I forgot the congrats to Mike!

  3. Enjoy your time with the JuJu clan, Wink. And keep Andrew off Ju’s hands as much as you can. I hear that gal needs to catch up on some sleep and is having a hard time living up to her renewed commitment to exercise. You know, three kids and all that.

  4. That sounds awesome. Have a great time Linda, you deserve it!

  5. Your blog’s loading up quickly now at work. Hmm…

    Have great fun! I know all will be glad to see you.

  6. It must be nice to look forward to family coming to visit. I can’t say I have the same experience when my family comes to visit. I just try to live through it, usually. It’s a different case when my wife’s parents come to visit, though. I actually enjoy their visits. Now isn’t that a switch?

  7. * Ju- So, is it weird that I’m looking forward to you sleeping, as I most likely won’t? I am!

    * Nat- Thanks, sweet. I will pass along your wishes.

    * Si- Will do, sir. (salute) I honestly don’t know how she does it…

    * Jeff- Thanks, I know I do, being hot and all… 😉

    * Mark- That’s good news. So now I’m going to post a bunch of NSFW crap that you won’t be able to enjoy. Hah!

    * Alvis- I am very, very fortunate in having a wonderful family. The only difficult part is getting everyone in one place at one time. I feel for you though. Cool that you dig your in-laws. That’s a blessing, I know. I gotta apologize, I haven’t made it over yet but I’m honestly looking forward to it. I’m secretly hoping to see a pic of you with your head shaved 😉

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