I have an issue here that I totally didn’t anticipate. It has come to my attention that two of my very favorite people, and hopefully not more, are not able to access this New Pretty Blog. I’m devastated. TC and Mark commented on my old site saying they couldn’t get here. I was going to write a short post for them there but of course fucking Blogger wouldn’t let me on. Which has prompted me to think this: since I have a new blog here, why don’t I go back over there, choose the update option and see what happens? Of course, that would appear/feel like I was folding under pressure. And omg, we can’t have that! *wink wink* And it would be a pain in the butt for you guys, having changed your whateverthosethingsarecalled. Don’t mind me, I’m just thinking out loud. Man, I hate computers. Just keep coming here. Those of you who are able. And if any bouncers give you a hard time, Natalie will tell you what to do.

Hey, did you hear aboot the German lady who was para-sailing or hang-gliding or whatever you call that and the air current took her up like 32,000 feet? Holy crap, she’s lucky.

I have news to share that makes me rilly rilly proud. My handsome, talented, smart and oh-so-funny son, Michael has won the President’s Award for Customer Satisfaction at his place of employment. He is an IT specialist. And obviously, very good at it. Cool, huh?  (by “President’s“, I don’t mean THE Big Dumb Guy.)

I’m whooped. Goodnight.

7 responses to “HOLY MACARONI BATMAN

  1. I think I figured out the problem — maybe. I’m able to get to this fine from home. My work filters out “social networking” sites like myspace, livejournal, etc. I’m sure as time goes on, the filter will expand to include any site that hosts free blogs. Although I didn’t see the usual “Access blocked” message, I suspect the filtering has something to do with it.

    I like your new location. Looks and works great!

  2. It’s probably good that you converted your Blogger site to the new version, because the WordPress importer is made for it now.

    Link goodness:

    Dashboard — Import — Blogger
    is the way to start the process.

  3. YAY! Mark, you made me so very happy. I’m so glad you came into my life- what the hell song is this I’m singing? Is it the 5th Dimension or something? I never liked the song, but I’m so glad you got here! Thanks for the link, too. I’ll get to it at some point…

  4. Your blog is, indeed, very pretty. WordPress rocks.

  5. I like the thought of putting Germans high up into the sky…

    Congrats to your son!

  6. Hazel- I will gladly pass that on. Our boys rock, no?

    Alvis- Thank you very much and welcome. Any friend of the Markster is a friend ‘o mine. Hope you’ll visit often.

    Fab- You’re incorrigible. I know you can’t help it. I love you in spite of yourself 🙂

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