I am just about to the point of pulling out hair.  Don’t squirm, I meant mine.  Is there something going on with the internet today that no one bothered to warn me aboot?  (Notice I did not capitalize the I in internet, I’m vengeful like that… )  Came here at 6am, the computer wanted my password for Windows.  WTF.  Needless to say, I left for work and let poor PD deal with that.  Besides locking myself out of my running, radio-blaring, purse- and coffee mug-containing car on a day with temperatures lurking in the single digits, I came home to find that my server was too busy to let me into my mail.  When I was answering comments here on My New Pretty Blog, every time I would type an apostrophe, a search box would materialize magically at the bottom of the screen and the remainder of my text post-apostrophe would end up in the box.  I’m like WTF.  Anyway. I got through most of my blog reading without too much of a hassle.  Or apostrophes. (apostrophi?)

So before anything else goes kerphlooey (take that, spellchecker, you bitch!) I’m getting out of here.

Oh yeah, poor Natalie can’t comment here. I need to remedy that PRONTO.  Any and all help would be appreciated.  By me AND her.  I also NEED a Preview button.  And a facial and a remote starter for my car.

Are you noticing all those gorgeous people in “my” flickr?  I’m glad the weekend is coming so I’ll have time to play around here.  I might be whining alot, but I actually do like it here.

Now I am going to go fill my face with some crabmeat wantons and chicken mooshu.  Rawr.  Monosodium glutamate always calms me…

12 responses to “DAY TWO

  1. She can set up an account without setting up a blog to comment here, I think, until you figure it out.

  2. By default you should have akismet spam protection on this blog. You might check in the spam folder to see if it is catching her. Or it might be something else, who the heck knows? 😉

  3. Oh and if you have any questions about that problem let me know. I just need more detail!

  4. That brunette making eyes at me over there in your flickr photos is making my squirm a little.

    I’ll miss her when she’s gone this weekend, but I know it’s for the best.

  5. WAIT WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA….i feel alone over on blogspot. does that mean i have to switch over.

  6. oh, and yes….I AM ALIVE

  7. Got this message from Natalie in my mail…
    Hey I tried to leave a comment at your new place today, but apparently I’m
    not on the guest list or something cause the bouncer wouldn’t let me in!
    Maybe I did something wrong. I’ll try again another time. I just wanted to
    let you know that I came to the house warming party!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and PD(I’m a day late) I hope you enjoy
    whatever you may have planned for your special “anniversary”!

    Love always, Natalie

  8. So I’m curious, what prompted the move from blogger to wordpress? What are the promised advantages?

    And you locked yourself out of your running car? Now THAT’S having a bad day.

    Hang in there!

  9. Oh, and having just gotten caught up on the last gasps of the original “One Wink” . . . condolences on the loss. Given the weather, did you make the funeral?

  10. I too had problems with a busy server and let me tell you it totally made me not leave a tip(even though the service is free)! If this doesn’t post I guess I’ll email you again. That was mighty nice of you to post my comment for me.

    Thanks, Natalie

  11. Hooray! It worked! I knew if I wore a low-cut shirt that bouncer would change his mind!

  12. Ju- Thanks. It seems she’s taken the matter into her own wardrobe and worked it out. I admire resourcefulness. Don’t you?

    Jeff- You specified “that problem”… Are you establishing that you’re not willing to go further? I had planned to ask you not to leave town this weekend in case I need you! 😉 Thanks for offering, Amigo

    Simon- Get over it, dude. She must be doing a job on you; this is the first comment I have EVER had from you with a typo in it! Actually, it’s quite endearing. How did you know I’m partial to flawed men?

    Bo- Well, HELLO! How nice to see you. Yes, Blogger is all-powerful. You MUST switch! 😉

    Brian- Your first question would require volumes to adequately answer. Let’s just say, they were giving me attitude. Advantages? We shall see. So far I’ve been able to log on here at will. I would say that’s the #1 advantage… No, I wasn’t able to make the funeral. When ice is involved, I avoid it like the plague. Ooooh. Considering we’re talking about a funeral, that was probably a rather poor choice of words.

    Natalie- I hate when people say this, but it seems to fit- “You go, Girl!”

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